Is It Really All That Bad?

Since lobbying for its recreational use publicly since the around the sixties, the cannabis community has found a new and easily accessible ways of connecting with other activists from around the country by implementing the wonderful tool of the internet. Much like the pot moms who connected on social media to educate and organize the … Continue reading Is It Really All That Bad?


Moms for Pot

The fight for the legalization of marijuana has seemed have been made up of two different sects. On one side you have the everyday stoners looking for their freedom to buy and smoke their bud without any interference or paranoia set up by the authorities enforcing the federal law. The second sect are those looking … Continue reading Moms for Pot

Project #2

As I had began to discuss in my previous post different movements can take on a different connotation when individuals shine a negative light due to their own actions. Identifying as a member of a certain movement, it's giving these typically negative actions a cause. Actions like rioting, looting and really any form of mob … Continue reading Project #2